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A community of cancer survivors supporting each other.


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Tammy (tammy)

October 1, 2008


July 24, 1966

Loved One is a Cancer Survivor/Fighter

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October 31, 2007

Stage 4


I hate that it hurts so many people

Appreciate everyday


no symptoms really except for stomach pains once in awhile and going to bathroom after each meal

Erbitux Xeloda Oxalyplatin Avastin



Stage 4 cancer and 3 years in remission

Today, was my husbands 6 month check up. CEA normal and normal PET. 5 1/2 years since diagnosed and 3 years in remission. Hubby has normal appetite and normal energy. Everything looks pretty normal but platelets a little low. I was shocked by todays results but very happy. You can be in remission even with Stage 4 cancer. When my hubby first got diagnosed with cancer, I would search for all the blogs with stage 4 cancer so I wanted to share the good news. Nobody understands the difficult battle better than everyone here. I am so thankful for this blog family. Sending hugs xx
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Thank you for sharing, its updates like these that give us all hope! I am happy for you and your family, and have hope for the rest of us too. Xo. B.
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Woo Hoo! Great news! *BIGHUGS* to both of you. xo
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Wonderful news! Thanks so much for sharing!!
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man its so nice to hear all this great news today is a very good day lets all go hug and kiss our loved ones life he really good god bless all of us on this site. means so much.
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Thanks Tammy it's very encouraging to hear it has been beat!
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Happy Birthday!!
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